Intermetal SHPK

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The Client

Intermetal SHPK is company in the metal manufacturing industry selling metal and wood armored doors for houses and offices. An industry leader, Intermetal SHPK Albania owns a manufacturing factory and produces all kinds of doors, armored or no. The company leads the Albanian market for the last decade and contacted us for a professional website design.

The Web Design


We, at always try to go above and beyond our clients expectations. We designed a modern and responsive website for Intermetal SHPK, integrated a well suited colour scheme with the company’s branding identity. Our design team also integrated detailed product listings with all the technical specifications of the doors that Intermetal SHPK is selling. We thought that also a detailed “get a quote” contact form will well suited for that design and our client loved it. Intermetal SHPK has now a well built professional website that we are proud of.

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